Setting Engineering Careers In Motion

Momentum is Boca Bearings’ corporate commitment to promoting engineering discovery and development for young people. Boca Bearings believes that our shared future relies upon our ability to foster excellence and innovation in STEM education and careers.


ACCEL Scholarship Program

The ACCEL Scholarship Program, an opportunity made possible by the Allen, Dena and Michelle Baum Scholarship Fund, is a key element of the Momentum initiative. This annual program offers financial support to Palm Beach County students who are pursuing mechanical engineering (or related) degrees.

ACCEL Scholarships are intended to both promote engineering as a field of study and to financially assist students and their families in attaining their goals.

This program has completed its cycle for 2021 and will reopen again next year. If you or someone you know is interested in the opportunity, please email to be considered next year. 

Apply Now

Students need to successfully complete the  online application by TBD to qualify.

Applications open up in 2022.


Boca Bearings proactively promotes and fosters interest, enthusiasm, and excellence in mechanical engineering among young people who may continue to pursue careers in engineering-related fields.

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